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Awareness & Training

In many organizations, often times the evening news is the only security education employees receive (typically about lost computer tapes or stolen laptops containing social security numbers).

However, with the number of social engineering techniques, such as "phishing" and "pharming," on the rise, organizations should actively and continuously educate their employees and contractors about security responsibilities, good security practices, and potential means of information theft. Sole reliance on the evening news and anti-virus protections is just not enough.

A comprehensive, annual, and fully implemented user awareness and training plan is the best means of coordinating this education, which is as much a part of an effective Information Security Program as are policies and technology. Drawing on a number of proven techniques, such as "top 10 lists," on-line training, bulletins, and web portals, CyberEnsure staff will help you construct a cost-effective user awareness and training plan.

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