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Three individuals who managed information security operations and implemented key information security programs at a Fortune 15 Company founded CyberEnsure in January 2004.

Collectively, the three principals of the firm have over 40 years of Information Security experience and over 100 years of experience in IT-related fields. This includes:

Information Security
  • Planning, Deploying, and Operating Of One Of The Largest Corporate Information Security Programs In The Country
  • Practical Knowledge In All Aspects Of Information Security
    • Network Security (Firewalls, Remote Access, Penetration Testing, IDS)
    • Host Security & Access Control
    • Virus And Malware Protection
    • Creation Of Policy and Practices
    • Computer Intrusion Response & Vulnerability Management
    • ISO 9000 Implementation
    • PCI-DSS Assessments
  • A Proven Track Record
    • Institution Of 'Defense In Depth' Virus Protection and Patch Management Programs In Large Telecommunications Firm
    • Successful Dial-In Modem Compliance Program
    • Facilitation Of Senior Executive Steering Committee
  • Certifications
    • Partners Are Certified Information Security Managers
    • Team Members Have PCI-DSS QSA Certifications

Receive the training and education you need to properly protect your information.

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Harry Zwiselsberger, Director

Harry co-founded CyberEnsure, LLC after 22 years in IT, the last 13 of which were in Information Security.

Most recently, Harry was a Senior Manager in Verizon's (formerly known as Bell Atlantic) IT security organization, with responsibilities in areas including firewall support, secure e-mail delivery, intrusion detection (IDS) deployment and management, CIRT response team, network security reviews, and compliance monitoring of international outsourcing. Prior to that, through most of the 90s, he was manager of the organization directly responsible for Verizon's mainframe security infrastructure.

Harry was directly involved in the creation of Verizon's network security architecture. He represented Verizon on various committees working on integration of large disparate networks.

Harry's background for this work was 15 years of solid IT experience, first as a COBOL Programmer, in which capacity he got his first InfoSec experience by being on the team that selected and implemented the first large scale general purpose access control system (CA-ACF2) for New Jersey Bell, one of Verizon's predecessors. In addition, Harry was instrumental in developing the first security policy for the then named New Jersey Bell and worked to develop the support infrastructure required to manage the CA-ACF2 product effectively from an administrative perspective.

Harry holds CISM and PCI QSA certifications and has participated in a variety of industry forums. He has presented at the Computer Associate's annual international conference on five different occasions, and was an active member and participant on the East Coast ACF2 User group.


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